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Elde Again!

I know i've been absent for ages, more lie what...4 years,maybe 5.

Im currenly,like i said, in Denmark doing School and it's taking up all my time, but im done in december.

Anyway, i've decided to go back to the drawingboard on this old project, and start all over with it. Been reading through comments and noticed i was happy back then when i was drawing all this stuff. Most of the comments were made by BW, the guy who managed all this, but he is now a fulltime cook so i wont be bringing him along for the ride i belive.

So, here's whats gonna happen:

I'm going to start from scratch, building from the ground up when it comes to EVERYTHING. I wont be focusing on colors at all, only the thing i know best, highly detailed inks, so if someone wants to color later, be my guest.

I bought a wacom, but after using it for months now i honestly belive the best pencils comes from a natural hand...or a Wacom Cintiq:P but i cant afford that right now, and i miss doing traditional pencils and inks, so im going back to that.

I'm probably going to make a new profile, called "Elde" if it isnt taken, havent checked that yet, so i can control it myself, BW did alot of the comments and answers and he's not that fluent in english as i am:P

I'm hoping to grab some of my old fans back, seriusly miss having u guys around, and i miss doing this. Guess it's what happens when u have a kid and a fulltime job, little time for this piece of heaven, but i'm gonna fnish it,atleast the Lore itself and a huge Beastiary, comicwork will progress on it's own rate.

So just letting u know, names will remain the same on the creatures and stuff, so it wont be hard finding it.

PEace out
Elde, the penciller! yes we were 2 diffrent people on this profile, was a mess!
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ArtByElde Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
New profile up atleast, starting to add artwork in november, mostly concept as im alone and doing this on my sparetime, feel free to check it out:) School has given me time to dish out some new art, and i feel i still got it:P

I know i need the support!
bearcavestudios Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2011
Yeah been thinking about it since i quit drawing, been drawing alot in school and noticed i still got it:P also bought some seriously expensive books on digital coloring and everything that follows, so we'll see! Gonna do ALOT of concept art this time before i start doing actual comicwork, was a bit rushed last time i felt. Thanks guys, i'll post again when the other Profile is back up!
Shockbolt Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Sweet! Looking forward to seeing some fresh artwork :D
keight Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
I am glad you are picking the story world up again, it is very much worth the work put into it. Best wishes with it!!
YngveMartinussen Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011   Digital Artist
Excellent! Good luck! :)
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